Homegrown Day Four: When we spent all day at Clyde

Wednesday’s Homegrown Music Festival featured the centerpiece Trampled By Turtles at Clyde Iron Works, a much buzzed-about show that drew about 500 people to the early armband rush and later filled the venue.

There was even a bit of tailgating and day-drinking and Pizza Luce’s muscle volunteered to help keep things running smoothly — which it did. And it seems that everyone who wanted to get into the show got into the show. The band went plenty nuts on their instruments, like everyone wants them to, and it was all very exciting.I wrote about the scene here.

Equal Exchange, a hip-hop, soul, double-sax band started the show with rapper Rain Elfvin at the wheel. The band includes Jesse Hoheisel on guitar, Jason Kokal on bass and Matt Milinkovich on drums. This is a unique band — born of friendship between coworkers at Whole Foods Co-op — makes an interesting sound you don’t hear much of in these parts. Think of a Beastie Boy jamming with a funk band. Whenever I think of this band, I think of the year that one of them ate an apple on stage during their Homegrown set. It just seemed like such a good idea. (Not to mention nutritious).

Father Hennepin, the reason for the Homegrown season, played next, kicking off the set with the theme song “Homegrown.” The band includes Ted Anderson, Scott “Starfire” Lunt — who set things in motion by having a music festival to celebrate his birthday — Bob Olson on bass, Brad Nelson on drums and Susan Ludwig on accordion and keyboard and they play alt-country with Duluth cues. About midway through the show — around the time Starfire chucked a chicken head hat into the crowd, the band added a three-man horn section. They closed out a super-fun set with “I Like it in Duluth,” a cover of the Moose Wallow Ramblers’ song. (Here is a kicky video that local filmmaker Mike Scholtz made of the song for a past Homegrown Music Video Festival).

From the curious files: Someone asked me if I was in the band Father Hennepin. (No, I’m not). And that wasn’t even the weirdest conversation I had on Wednesday night.

Mayor Ness stage dives at Trampled show (with video)

You might have heard that Mayors Don Ness and RT Ryback declared Wednesday Trampled By Turtles Day just before the Duluth-grown bluegrass band played its album release show Wednesday at First Avenue in Minneapolis.

Then they both did a stage dive. Ryback’s got an ease with his transition from stage to the sea of bodies and he turns back to Ness and waves him in with a sort of “C’mon in, the water’s nice” gesture. Ness took the “dive” part of “stage diving” a bit more seriously. This video mysteriously cuts out before he lands.

‘Don’t invest in a tuxedo’: Keillor presents 10 things to know before you move to Duluth

“A Prairie Home Companion” made a stop for a live performance at the DECC this past weekend and Garrison Keillor delivered “10 Things to Know Before You Move to Duluth,” a pretty right on list that characterizes our people.

“Don’t invest in a tuxedo or evening gown,” Keillor advises, adding that flannel will suit your needs.

In case you missed it, here is Lawrance Bernabo’s record of how it all went down.

To hear clips from the show, check out the APHC website. It’s broken down into segments, so say you’re just super into Trampled By Turtles (catch them playing “Alone”) or Derek, Dog of Duluth.



Trampled By Turtles debuts ‘Alone’ on The Current

Trampled By Turtles debuted new music this morning on The Current. If you missed that, you can leisurely point your laptop in the direction of the public radio stations all-music site and get to it when you get to it. “Alone” is posted on The Current’s website, as well as a mini 2-minute “Making of the Album” video that has plenty of Duluth faces in it.  (See above).

There is also a two-minute-ish phone convo with Dave Simonett where he talks about Nirvana and the Rolling Stones and where the music comes from. Also, honesty and staying true to oneself.

Also: on the Current Blog, a transcript of an online chat between the front man and listeners. It’s a lot of “When are you playing (fill in the blank with city)” but there is more stuff, too, if you dig.

The album is scheduled for an April 10 release date, with a show at First Ave. on April 11. No Duluth dates in the tour schedule, but Trampled does have a bit of a break at the end of April until mid-May that looks like a good place to drop a Homegrown Music Festival date.  Simonett did claim Homegrown as one of this three favorite festivals to play during the online chat. So.

Brewhouse’s new beer: Trampled by Hops

Photo from trampledbyturtles.com.

Just got an email release from the Brewhouse talking about their new beer: Trampled By Hops, a tribute beer for the local band Trampled By Turtles. According to head brewer Dave Hoops, Trampled By Hops is a North Shore style pale ale.

Said Hoops in an email:

"After the last album came out (called "Duluth" by the way), we wanted to give a shout out to them for all they do for our community and for our Brewhouse. Many of the band members play our stage with other groups they are in …

"So the boys named the beer and asked for HOPS."

Hoops said they used a hop new to the Brewhouse called Ahtanum, which has notes of lemon and citrus, with six other unique hops for a very hoppy, not bitter pale ale. Expect it to be brewed a couple times a year. It will be on tap during Hop Dependence, the week of the Fourth of July. 

As for TBT, according to their Web site, their next show is the 10,000 Lakes Festival on July 24.