Thursday’s A&E roundup

Whiskey River was featured in Nightlife magazine, a local publication created by Tracy Lundeen and Jeff Jarvinen that featured the arts and entertainment scene. (Photo courtesy of Jeff Jarvinen)

This week’s (new, improved, super-sized, no longer called Wave) A&E section included a story about Whiskey River. The Moose Lake band has been playing reunion shows after a 30 year hiatus and opens for Dierks Bentley tonight at Bayfront Festival Park.

Tony Bennett reviewed Range-based Slamming Doors and had a ton of super nice things to say about the band.

Best Bets include: “Les Miserables,” Dierks Bentley, TV, Movies in the Park, Sidewalk Dayz and Types.

Here’s a column about the time I rented a movie from a video store.

Meanwhile, “Pippin” opened on a Wednesday, so that review was in today’s paper, too.

There were other things: The Current is coming to town (for a visit, not to stay) and the LSCO is performing a concert that includes “Crouching Tiger Concerto.”

And here are some picks for A&E-themed road trips.


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