Weekend A&E roundup

Well the big news, obvi, was the super-soaked Trampled show on Saturday at Bayfront Festival Park. Here’s the story of the show that, as one fan said, “WILL GO DOWN IN HISTORY!”

From the review:

Bodies packed close together like old friends in front of the stage. The crowd bounced along on “Wait So Long.” And during “Wild Animals,” steam puffed from the singers’ mouths.

Someone presented the band with plastic glasses with a shot’s worth of amber liquid and the guys smiled, made the universal sign for “cheers,” and drank.

“It’s a War” included strobe lights.

In between songs, a seemingly earnest Simonett repeatedly thanked the crowd — which felt about as unnecessary as responding, “You’re welcome for letting you continue to play a wet guitar when you could be snug at the Red Herring Lounge, making cameos in an Actual Wolf set.”

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