Homegrown: Day 4

Actual Wolf opened a big three-band bill on Wednesday at Clyde Iron Works. Clint Austin/caustin@duluthnews.com.

Oh, he of the signature red shades. It’s all happening, isn’t it? Former Duluthian Eric Pollard’s band just looks and sounds like they should point their charter bus to “Austin City Limits.”  The band, which opened a big three band bill at Clyde Iron Works on Wednesday, includes Erik Koskinen, Jake Hanson, Jeremy Hanson and Steve Garrington.

Pollard sang about leaving and traveling and letting it go and sometimes the country singer leaned Elton John … maybe it was the sunglasses. He said his dad was in the crowd and dedicated songs to his old friends and Trampled By Turtles — the usual headliners of this particular Homegrown slot.

Pollard’s ease on stage, one might call it swag, makes one wonder what it’s like for him to sit quietly and behave behind the drums during RGC shows. DOES THAT HURT?

“Southwire was recorded in front of a live studio audience,” says Ben Larson in his Southwire-signature pro orator voice as the band of Larson, Jerree Small, Matt Mobley and Sean Elmquist started its set.

This band’s wordy, front porch, folk-rap-blues can make a rib cage quake. It’s possible this band just got the Last New Sound in all the world and everyone else should just, like, make Riot Grrrl tribute bands.

Larson and Small switched roles: Him to the keyboard, her to the guitar, for “Gone Astray.” Then Larson riffed about getting Small to join the bad kids adopt the dark arts.

As for Black-Eyed Snakes and CParr,  you’ll have to rely on the old trusty #hgmf14 and these images by photographer Clint Austin.

A note on the Clyde aesthetic: Every band should request to be photographed on this stage. Seems like even the most amateur of amateur clickers (fine, me) got pro shots last night). That venue is like one of those perfectly lit bathrooms with a mirror that eliminates dark eyes and smooths over adult-onset acne.

The band of Greg Cougar Conley, Marcus Matthews, Heather Dean and Scott Millis set up near the K-Mart exit at the Kom-On-Inn late Wednesday night for a show so packed that it was impossible to see much more than a single patch of GCC’s stocking cap. They kept the lights on full throttle at the new venue, which didn’t stop one happy couple from slow dancing.

“Riding the bus to get drunk is so weird,” someone said to me.

All of a sudden a lot of things that music reviewer Tony Bennett said about this band makes sense. The trio of Phil Jents, Brynn Sias and Ryan Nelson are a hard band to pin — Jents had this popped collar and Chucks thing going on last night that was very Marty McFly in BTTF1. Bennett likened the band to old skool “nervy geek punk bands” and referenced basement jams. Seems true. There’s something a little They Might Be Giants going on here.

Walked into The Gopher last night just as Jents was telling everyone to eff off. Meanwhile, there was a guy in the audience leaning against a pole and eating popcorn puffs.

Seems like maybe there was a song about Tony the Tiger and a Deer Tick cover.

This ska duo of Jason Wussow and Veikko Lepisto said in a pre-show interview that they just wanted to make people smile and dance and have fun, etc. Mission. Accomplished. Dreadlocks were whipping about during the band’s set at the Kom-On-Inn that included a cover of “My Girl.”

Today’s Homegrown coverage included a mini feature on Silverback Colony.

And here’s a Spotify Playlist with some of the bands that are playing tonight.

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