Weekend A&E roundup

The name Odin Biron might not mean much to American pop culture experts, but the Duluth-raised actor is the star of a “Scrubs”-liked TV show that airs in Russia. Read all about it here.  Then watch it here:

Patty Duke announced on Sunday that she will return to Duluth in June for the Duluth-Superior Film Festival. Duke spent time here when she filmed the 1972 suspense movie “You’ll Like My Mother.” And, of course, her son Mackenzie Astin (insert joke about how I had his poster on the wall of my fort when I was a kid) was here for the festival last year as part of the anniversary celebration of “Iron Will.” (And, yes, I told him about the poster-fort).

Three months into 2014 and Paul Brissett is declaring Renegade Theater Production’s “Next to Normal” potential the show of the season.

Lawrence Bernabo seems to have checked DSSO conductor’s odometer to make sure the concert lived up to its billing.

I reviewed a movie. “Veronica Mars” is a total trip for fans, but is probably just a hokey “huh-what?” for non Martians. (Did I just make that up? Non Martians?)