This week’s Wave

Alex Gutterman said his movie “In Winter” should be ready for festival consideration in six months to a year. 2013 file/ News Tribune

Happy Wave day, friends. This week’s A&E guide gives readers a look ahead at some of the projects local artists are working on. We’ve got a coupla filmmakers, a coupla musicians and a visual artist. Read all about it here.

Best Bets include: The Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra’s “Nordic Tales” concert, a spelling bee in a bar hosted by the mayor, Mark Lindquist featured at “Song Interrupted,” a sneak preview of “Sherlock,” a Hall of Famer at Park Theater.

“The Playlist” starts up again tonight with music, art, art and music.

Tony Bennett reviews Preston Gunderson’s “Getting Good at Starting Over” and says: “There’s no way around this. This sort of John Mayer/Jack Johnson/Jason Mraz soft-rock radio stuff just seems like a Hallmark card stuffed with glitter — way too safe, way too boring, but also way too over-the-top with annoying effort.”

A&E Notes include a call for 4-inch art and a call for peeps with Swedish ancestors.

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