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Ryan Homsey, a former dancer with the Minnesota Ballet, uses headphones to monitor music from the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra “Music to You” string quartet during a rehearsal at the DECC on Wednesday. Homsey is a composer that has written a piece of music that is a part of the ballet’s fall performance. (Clint Austin /

This week’s Wave features a story about Ryan Homsey, a former company member with the Minnesota Ballet-turned composer who returned to write a piece of music for the fall performance “A Fresh Mix.”

Best Bets include the Minnesota Ballet’s show, a comic opera at UMD, a Twin Cities-based folk singer who is super chatter worthy, a ‘creamily exquisite’ mezzo-soprano, a Children’s Theatre production of “A Wrinkle in Time,” and Rubber Chicken Theater’s signature Chicken Hat Plays.

Music reviewer Tony Bennett has a lot to say about the new Pearl Jam, including a few words on the time he was caught shoplifting an Eddie Vedder poster.

A bunch of people won arts and culture awards.

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A Proctor native gets screen time in “Captain Phillips.