“Strange Nature” gives it another go on Kickstarter

I wrote an article in the beginning of August about Duluth native Jim Ojala and his Kickstarter campaign to fund his movie, “Strange Nature.” The film, which Ojala has been working on for years in his free time, is based on the bizarre 1990s discovery of thousands of deformed frogs in Minnesota lakes.

Ojala’s first Kickstarter campaign was unsuccessful, so he’s having another go at it with a lower goal and a longer time frame. You can support the project here.

(Disclaimer: the two links below are gory and/or vulgar and/or contain swear words).

Ojala is a special effects and makeup guy in Hollywood, and his work is awesomely gross. He also made a campy show in the 1990s with his friends in Duluth, and the first episode featured Jim Carlson.

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