Low, Cloud Cult and superlatives

You’ve heard it on re-broadcasts on The Current. Now see it: Low’s one-song set from Rock the Garden. There is an extra layer of interesting to see this knowing that it will get so much chatter in the aftermath.

As you know, Cloud Cult is playing Twin Ports Bridge Festival on Saturday at Bayfront Festival Park.

Looking to stoke the fever: You can now watch the 2009 documentary about the band on Hulu. For Free. Without special Hulu powers. Some of stuff from the movie is dated — including the band’s lineup and address — but the message of “No One Said It Would Be Easy” stays strong.

Also: Speaking of The Current. Two local bands have landed on music writer Andrea Swensson’s best of (so far) list for the year.

Here is a story I wrote about the movie “Pollywogs,” which is playing tonight at Zinema 2 as part of the theater’s Explorers Club series.

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