This week’s Wave

I guess the big talker in this edition would be Tony Bennett’s review of Sexhawk’s EP “Nuts of a Warrior.” Bennett writes:

The second EP from Sexhawk is perhaps the greatest collection of songs ever recorded by anyone with Duluth roots.

Just kidding.

Some of the 117 artists selling work at the Park Point Art Fair spend all summer doing this: Traveling from fair to fair to fair. Here are stories from some road warriors.

Best Bets include: Brandi Carlile at Big Top, Lake Superior Chamber Orchestra, the aforementioned art fair, all sorts of tribute bands, Trampled and Atmosphere at Bayfront, “Annie, Jr.” at the Playhouse.

Also on the internet:

Locally bred comedian Maria Bamford is so hot right now. If you haven’t checked out her new series, you are wasting your life 2 minutes at a time. Here is a story on a New Yorker blog about Bamford. And here is a link to “Ask My Mom.”

Otherwise, here is a good one: