Homegrown Day 5:

So Superior night. What a weird scene, huh, what with Tower Ave. all shut down. If not post-apocalyptic, at least a little: Halloween night and a mass murderer is on the loose. Foggy, empty — yet the occasional revelers yelping, unseen, from side streets.

So the Thirsty Pagan was a little deceptive. All warm with that pizza-beer smell and people settled into booths. It looked cozy, like a scene in “St. Elmo’s Fire” before Billy’s big sax solo.

Then, wham. The bar area was clavicle to clavicle. Peeked through the doorway and realized it would be impossible to slither into the room. Worked my way to behind the stage, was allowed a quick glimpse, realized it was even more impossible than I previously suspected. Hoped this crush of peeps was at least giving the reason for the season — Marc Gartman and Jerree Small — enough room to make music. But I had to leave. Next year,  Coyote.

This is about when I realized I wouldn’t be *watching* bands, I’d be simply listening to bands. This reggae show at Norms Beer & Brats was also well-attended. In the rare moments that I was able to sneak a look into the main room, I saw at least nine dudes — the Party in Conscious Party isn’t hyperbole — on stage having a heck of a time. Is there anything more fun-seeming than a reggae band? Although, I always wonder how they decide which Bob Marley song to cover. A: “Every Little Thing Gonna Be Alright.”  It all ended with a “I say Prince, you say Paul … Prince! Paul! … I say Conscious you say Party,” etc.

I asked Greg Cougar Conley last night what happened to Bull Feathers — one of my favorites from last year’s New Band Night. I’d actually gone a little obsessive compulsive on the bandcamp site last Homegrown season. But, apparently, I was one of few, according to GCC. For Wino, WI, GCC and Marcus Matthews play with Scott Millis and Heather Dean (who looks so freaking cool when she plays bass) to make a rock band. Good news: GCC still sounds like GCC and that voice does not exist anywhere else in the world, although Ian Curtis of Joy Division is both close and not close at all.

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