Homegrown Day 4: Now with more organ

Sometimes an eight-day festival makes you stand back and look at something old in a new light. Something like … Grandma’s Sports Garden. One’s natural instinct, upon entering, might be to head straight for the bar for a Kamikaze pitcher. That’s just the way it has always been. More than a decade later, a person might stop oneself. Shake her head clear. Remember that now she owns a couch, an L-shaped one even, instead of a futon. And Kamikazes really are so … sweet.

Then, on Day 4 of Homegrown Music Festival, this attendee might look around and think: “Oh. We’re all older. This is like a scene out of ‘Cocoon.'”

The local rockabilly band closed out the all-star lineup of Sarah Krueger, Charlie Parr and Fred Tyson & His Tysonettes. (Note to newbies: Do not be fooled when Chad Lyons introduces himself as Dave Carroll and the rowdy dudes behind him as Mumford & Sons. It might not be clear whether he actually believes that, but trust me: That’s not Mumford & Sons. Or Trampled By Turtles. And, actually, Mayor Don Ness’s wife’s name is Laura, not whatever Lyons called her during the show).

For this year’s performance, The Acceleratii incorporated an organ player. The period between songs kind of sounded like the period between periods at a hockey game. This gave the night a bit of raunchabilly meets rink flare.

In other Homegrown news:
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