Homegrown Day 2: Films, saxophones and The Bronze

Imagine this: In the weeks before Homegrown Music Festival, Brian Barber sends an email to your punk band that says he will be making a music video to go along with one of your songs.

It must feel like some sort of jackpot. The professional artist/animator/illustrator one time turned the Aerial Lift Bridge into a transformer and did amazing things with a cartoon version of Mayor Don Ness’s eyebrow and now YOUR BAND is his muse.

This year Barber turned his attention to The Keep Aways’ song “Over Your Shoulder,” creating part-animation, part live action video for the Homegrown Music Video Festival. He was one of 17 video-makers to take the challenge: Use someone else’s art to make a different art. YOU HAVE ONE MONTH.

The videos played for a full house Monday at Zinema 2 and get a replay at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday at Zinema 2 and at 2 p.m. Sunday at Chester Creek Cafe.

Barber’s result:

You’ll laugh-cry when bass player Nikki Moeller drives the vintage Keep Aways vehicle using her foot. You’ll also wish the song was about 3 minutes longer.

Other highlights include Kathy McTavish’s signature abstract painting-like images set to “Vandrovec, I Need Help” by A Winter Downpour, Edward J. Simon’s funny narrative about a man’s love for his magic hat set to Red Mountain’s “Beautiful Love” and Justin Sinks’ zombie-rific story set to “Hurts Like Hell” by American Rebels.

Perfect Duluth Day is posting them as they go live.

Here is a fraction of the other stuff that happened on Monday night:

This feels like a voyeuristic experiencing, watching this electronic band perform. It legitimately looks like a collection of guys who have gathered in a garage to tinker with things and make different sounds while sometimes paying absolutely no attention to each other and sometimes chatting while they work. Except they were on stage at Red Star and for some reason everyone was giving them a lot of room. The product: Sometimes they sound like being on a spaceship in the 1970s with a saxophone player. Sometimes they sound like Radiohead in the role of the orchestra that performed while the Titanic bucked and broke and sunk. You could sprawl on your couch, listen to Total Freedom Rock, and think weird thoughts.

Meanwhile, Planemo is that good old-fashioned indie rock we all stayed up late watching on “Alternative Nation.” This band, which includes Jacob Swanson (guitar), Matt Donoghue (bass), Zach Anderson (drums) and guest-star Jesse Hoheisel is totally a band that would play at The Bronze. Buffy would do an oozy dance and purposefully ignore Angel, who would be sulking, alone, at a tall top table.

Here is today’s story about Aurora Baer, who you will hear at 6 p.m. when she plays the Mezzanine at Clyde Iron Works.