Homegrown Day 1: Dedications, face paint, stoplights

The thing with Homegrown Music Festival is, no two people are going to have the same experience. It’s all like a giant Choose Your Own Adventure. No matter where you are, something seriously messed up is happening down the street. And that messed up thing is either more or less messed up than the thing you are already watching. You just have to keep your eye on the Tweets and trust your fellow festival goers to keep the hyperbole to a minimum.

 A few things I didn’t see last night that caused a lot of chatter:

A food fight at the David Moriera artist dialogue at the Duluth Art Institute. I’m told that, oddly enough, Jell-O has a particular not-so-awesome smell.

Mayor Don Ness covered Low accompanied by Tangier 57, then admitted that at least Sparhawk isn’t in town to hear it. (Low=out of the country).

Apparently the thrash metal band Wolf Blood (Mike Messina, Mindy Johnson, Brian Wells and Jake Paulsrud, according to the HG Field Guide) inspired a mosh pit and director Walt Dizzo’s Tweet: “Wolf Blood is a band handcrafted by Satan.”

Let’s remember that this is just Day 1, folks.

In addition to having a celebrity vocalist, the local space lounge band caused a bit of chatter when it dedicated the song “White Rabbit” to Last Place on Earth — while owner Jim Carlson was on site at Tycoons Alehouse. Aside from that, Chris Bacigalupo seemed to be channeling his inner David Byrne.

This band brought back fond memories of Haus Meeting, who always created something visually interesting while making a good sound. Red Mountain, which has ties to Chaperone Records, crammed seven people on stage — a mix of face paint, sequins, Captain Merrill Stubing and clapping. Anton Jimenez-Kloeckl was positioned at stage left and sang with a sort of Jim James sound while playing keyboard. At one point Gus Ekstrand came out from behind the drum kit to perform “Walk on the Wild Side,” opening with some snaky Michael Hutchence moves.

I bet this band comes up with some super good ideas at about 3 a.m.

This straight-up rock band of Kyle Maclean, Bob Olson, Heather Dean and Scott Millis played a super loud, super rock-y set at Tycoons. It was the kind of music you hear screaming from the speakers of a hot rod at a stoplight on an awesome summer day.

Here is a little something on Three Song Sunday, who play today.

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