This week’s Wave

Agnieszka Oszast is Tulla Aufidia and Elizabeth Efteland is Coriolana in the UMD Theater Department’s production of “Coriolana.” Brett Groehler / University of Minnesota Duluth

Here is what you will find in this week’s Wave:

The University of Minnesota Duluth’s theater department reworked Shakespeare’s “Coriolanus,” putting the women into the power roles and the men into the eye candy roles. Now it’s called “Coriolana.” 

Homegrown Music Festival kicks off on Sunday with a mayoral proclamation, the release of a fresh cask of Homegrown Hempen Ale and music by Yester. Here is some stuff to know.

Best Bets include “Coriolana” at UMD, Homegrown Music Festival, Michael Perry at Teatro Zuccone, a screening of Cloud Cult’s doc, “Love Letters” at The Underground and a folk super group at Sacred Heart.

A&E Notes include: the opening of a new venue, a longtime local band celebrates 30 years with a benefit concert and Alex Loch goes aerial for the Minnesota Ballet’s fundraiser.

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