This week’s Wave

The Playhouse Children’s Theatre production of “Cats” opens today. Clint Austin/

The Duluth Playhouse Children’s Theatre has put a dent in local supplies of eyeliner with its production of “Cats.” Here is how the cast goes from normal teens to felines.

Best Bets include Kevin Kling and Dan Chouinard at Mitchelle Auditorium, UMD’s production of the play “How I Learned to Drive,” Sacred Heart goes from “Beethoven to Barber,” “Cats” opens at the Playhouse, the Ides of March brings bands covering other bands and a few ideas for going green.

Music reviewer Tony Bennett considered Acoustic Smoke’s album “Leave Better Than You Are,” and wasn’t feeling it. One tip: Bennett thinks they should call themselves Electric Smoke.

Also on the internet:

Duluth Homegrown Music Festival director Walt Dizzo is adding another gig: He’ll be hosting the new Duluth Local Show on The Current. Available for streaming on a computer near you. This airs on the Local stream at noon Wednesdays, 11 p.m. Thursdays and 6 p.m. Saturdays starting March 27.

Speaking of MPR: Meet Classical MPR’s artist-in-residence, local opera singer Lyz Jaakola.