This week’s Wave

Julie Casper Roth’s documentary “The Main” gets its first full screening for an audience on Saturday at Zinema 2. Photo courtesy of Roth.

Here’s what you’ll find in this week’s Wave:

Julie Casper Roth’s documentary on The Main Club — titled “The Main” — gets its world premiere on Saturday at Zinema 2. Here’s more about the film she’s been working on since 2007, which stars Main Club owner Bob Jansen. BTW: Jansen is serving wine and cheese at the Superior bar after the screening.

Also: Here’s a little more characterization of Jansen that didn’t make my story:

Me: Okay. Did I miss anything?
Jansen: I’m single and the bar’s for sale.

Best Bets include Kevin Bowe + The Okemah Prophets, “The Children’s Hour” at the Play Ground, a one-day exhibition at the Duluth Photography Institute, Osma Vanska performs as part of a chamber trio, the Arrowhead Chorale performs two requiems and Scott Johnson performs a musical-storytelling show about searching for his biological family.

The Duluth Superior Film Festival presents Cinema Lounge.

Music reviewer Tony Bennett reviews Moors & McCumber “Against the Grain.”

Also on the internet: 

Here is the Star Tribune story about Abe Diaz, a Duluth East grad who hung with the Oscars crowd last week.

“Confluence/Confluencia,” an exhibition at the Duluth Art Institute, gets Art Hounds treatment.

Local Current Blog visits musician Rich Mattson’s place in Sparta.

Kickstarter Roundup

Magic Smelt Puppet Troupe, the folks behind the Run Smelt Run event in April, have started a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a new workshop space.

Lance Karasti is making the film “Cult,” a feature-length film about a youth group that is being guided toward mass suicide by its enigmatic leader. But two kids have broken free and plan to stop it. His Kickstarter is here.


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