Weekend A&E wrap

Weekend stories that might be of interest to the A&E-sorts out there:

Doug Moen, known for his collection of vintage clothing and his generosity died Thursday after a fall in an elevator shaft in Superior.

I went behind the scenes of a locally-made, low budget, independent art film that is currently in production in Duluth and Cloquet. Here is more about “In Winter.” 

A Duluth East was on stage during the Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday.

Also on the internet:

Cloud Cult’s album “Love,” which will be released March 5, is streaming on NPR.

Duluth must not have been too bad. The San Francisco filmmaker behind “Duluth is Horrible” is already missing the city.

LA Weekly has a story about Jason Reitman’s Live Read series (which Rubber Chicken Theater has also been doing lately) and a recent pick: An all-female cast of “Glengarry Glen Ross” (which Lawrence Lee directed at the Play Ground last year). Way to keep it current, D-Town.

Looks like Prince will perform Friday on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.” (And Jason Aldean is on the show on Wednesday. The country star performs March 22 at the DECC).

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