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Kevin James (left) and Anna McGee performed a tribal fusion dance during the Minnesota Ballet’s 2012 Celebrity Dance Challenge. This year’s event will be heavy on dramatics and will include a live animal. 2012 file/ News Tribune

Here’s what you will find in this week’s Wave:

Filmmaker Mike Scholtz’s documentary “Wild Bill’s Run” gets a screening today on Outside magazine’s website. This will include a convo with Scholtz in the comments while it streams. Tune in at  6 p.m. It’s free and you can watch it in the comfort of your pajama pants.

The cast has been named for “Nice Fish,” the collaboration between Tony Award-winning actor Mark Rylance and Duluth-based poet Louis Jenkins. The show opens April 12 at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis.

Best Bets include the Celebrity Dance Challenge, St. Scholastica and Renegade Theater Company have plays opening, the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra is joining film and music, the nerds go wild, and a guide to the artiest day of the month.

Music reviewer Tony Bennett considers The People Say Fox’s album “Glowcap” and has a mixed response:

“This is not much fun to write, because the music on the album is impeccably played, interesting and dynamic, and overall, the collection is impressive. The songs pingpong between sounding like poppy emo-rock, cinematic Sigur Ros-y ambient and something resembling lite math-rock, and the arrangements and production are quite effective and mature. But Holte’s singing turns the whole stew into something that sounds like it wants to be the soundtrack to a particularly moving episode of ‘The Real Housewives of Wherever,’ underneath scenes of people wiping tears and sadly getting into limos. (Or something.)”

Also on the internet:

Earlier this week I had a Q&A with Mary Wilson of The Supremes, who will be performing Feb. 15 at the Reif Center in Grand Rapids. This included bonus Q’s and bonus A’s exclusive to this website.

The Echoes of Peace Choir is planning a friendship trip to Northern Iraq.

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