This week’s Wave

Retribution Gospel Choir’s album “3” will be released Tuesday on Chaperone Records.

Here is what you will find in this week’s Wave:

Retribution Gospel Choir releases a two-song album on Tuesday. Alan Sparhawk talks about it here.

Trampled By Turtles played “Conan” last night. Video here.

Residents from Woodland Hills work through the issue of gun violence by taking it to the stage. They created several vignettes that consider the perspective of those indirectly involved with the crimes.

Music reviewer Tony Bennett likes Dave Mehling’s EP “Broke Heart Songs.” He says: “Dave Mehling’s one of those guys. He just makes it seem so easy when it’s anything but. He’s been kicking around for some time, showing up on Duluth stages in the mid-aughts with a baby face and a real knack for the singer-songwriter vein he was mining at the time.”

Best Bets include Low at CSS, the Chicken Hat Plays, the Homegrown Winter Fiasco and more.

Also on the internet:

KUMD-FM had Retribution Gospel Choir in the studio for a performance on Monday. Here’s the archived audio.

When Tony Bennett isn’t writing about the local music scene, he’s cranking out his own stuff with band Cars & Trucks. Here’s a track from the band’s new album. You may remember this project as a local one that blew up on Kickstarter.

Speaking of Kickstarter, the San Francisco based filmmaker behind “Duluth is Horrible” needs actors. Here’s your chance to get in touch with your inner Carmen Miranda.

Here is where you go to register your local band for this year’s Homegrown Music Festival. Registration is open through March 15. The 15th annual event runs April 28-May 5.

The Star Tribune’s stories about Prince on Wednesday at the Dakota.

Lots of local love on The Current’s preview of Minnesota music due out in 2013. Southwire getting huge props.

Here’s info on Atmosphere’s Welcome to Minnesota Tour, which stops March 2 at Clyde Iron Works.