This week’s Wave

You snooze, you lose. If you get to Prove Gallery too late on Friday, this piece by Hannah Lagoon will be a puddle. Photo courtesy of Prove Gallery.

It’s that time of the month when the city explodes with all sorts of art openings. We’ve collected the deets on a few and chatted up those involved. You’ll learn about a collaborative installation at the Duluth Art Institute, the many moods of “Fragility,” a video installation and a reference to Care Bear puke. Read all about it here.

Best Bets include Rubber Chicken Theater’s Live Read Series, a Neil Young tribute, Finnish folkies, a political humorist and more.

A&E Notes bring you the deets on Low’s appearance on “The Current Sessions at the Fitz.” Also: The Play Ground wants your short shorts.

Music reviewer Tony Bennett finds authenticity in an album by Finnish folk band Kaivama and says: “… the humanity that is communicated is lively, vibrant and thoughtful …”

Also on the internet:

Ever wonder where this “Twin Ports” name came from? It was the winning entry in a contest in 1910. Zenith City has the cute story.

“Wild Bill’s Run” creator Mike Scholtz produced and edited a short doc about artist Matt Kish, who drew one picture a day from the book “Moby Dick.” The film aired on MNTV over the weekend and is now available online. Watch it here. (If you are unwilling to watch the entire program, you can scroll down to “Inside the Whale.”) Also: The music is by Portrait of a Drowned Man.