Weekend A&E Wrap Up

Like the title or not, a San Francisco artist’s Kickstarter campaign to make the movie “Duluth is Horrible” received full funding on Friday. Vince Gargiulo plans to settle into D-town at the end of this month and begin work on the 20-minute movie. (And Facebook friends of the filmmaker might have noticed that he has already gone out to get his hair cut like Mayor Don Ness. What the what? That’s not required for entry into the city).

Political satirist Mark Russell tried to retire but found the political events of 2012 too great to go without commenting. Russell performs at the University of Minnesota Duluth on Friday.

Also on the internet:

Hard to say if this is better than the great stage diving incident of 2012. Here Ness performs “Gregnam Style” for Rubber Chicken Theater’s holiday show.

Rolling Stone has the story of an 86-song, 4-disc collection of limited edition outtakes of Dylan material released by Sony in Europe last year. Dying for a copy? Try eBay, where they are going for about $1,000 according to RS. More on “Bob Dylan: The 50th Anniversary Collection” here.

Zenith City has a bit about when “Iron Will” premiered in Duluth on this day in 1994. The DNT’s Chuck Frederick had a part in the movie. Then-DNT reviewer Dominic Papatola panned the flick, the piece on ZC notes. He called it “hokey” and “obvious.”