Links: Cloud Cult, Bamford, etc.

Here is the first video from Cloud Cult’s upcoming album “Love,” scheduled for release on March 5, according to A.V. Club. They are taking pre-orders right this second. Cloud Cult busted out a few new songs during last week’s super great show at Clyde Iron Works.

And as long as we’re here:

Maria Bamford’s “special special special!” landed on Vulture’s Top 10 Stand Up Specials of 2012 List. They say: “The end product is singular Maria Bamford: a bit off, a bit sad, a bit hard to describe.”

And speaking of lists: Actual Wolf landed on First Avenue’s Best New Bands of 2012 list and is part of a show on Jan. 11 at First Ave hosted by music heads from The Current, Radio K and Cities 97.

Now I’m just padding this post. Dead whale beached near Dylan’s Malibu home.