Minnesota Beatle Project, Vol. 4

The Minnesota Beatle Project is an annual compilation that includes Minnesota musicians covering the Beatles, with the money raised going to support music programs in Minnesota public schools. (Kind of like when Trampled plays a show at Clyde Iron Works in the fall and then all of a sudden a bunch of kids have access to new xylophones). Both are Vega Productions’ projects.

This year’s mix includes Trampled By Turtles performing “Baby’s in Black” — and BTW that’s Ryan Young on vocals. They talk about that, the importance of the Beatles and school music programs here.

Haley Bonar covers “Mean Mr. Mustard.”

Chastity Brown, a Bluesfest regular who plays at Amazing Grace on Thursday, performs “For No One,” and regular visitors Caroline Smith & The Goodnight Sleeps perform “Cry Baby Cry.”

You can get a copy at Target, target.com, iTunes, Amazon and Electric Fetus. It’s also on Vega Productions’ website.