Thursday’s Wave wrap

The Acceleratii plays its annual Trailer Trash Bash Friday at RT Quinlans.

I’m just going to go ahead and spoil all the surprises enclosed in Thursday’s Wave a few hours early. This is my T-Day gift to you.Your T-Day gift to me is that I won’t be adding links to the stories.

The A&E scene is teeming with holiday events, whether they are a Christmas-themed feast or a feel-good family production. We’ve got tons of music, theater, art events to help you feel all bell ring-y and stockings-hung-by-the-fire-with-care-ish.

Best Bets include Jeff Dunham and his cast of lippy puppets, The Acceleratii get trashy at the post T-Day bash, director Rick Alverson stops in to Zinema 2 for a Q&A following screenings of two of his movies and more.

Minneapolis-based band The Pines, who play at Sacred Heart Music Center on Saturday, use the Iowa folk scene as a base. Rolling Stone magazine said of the band’s 2009 album “Tremolo”:

A state of emergency runs through these songs (like “the turnstile of greed and fear” in “Pray Tell”), but there is safe haven too, even if it’s just a dream of love in “Shiny Shoes,” and the Pines get there with a warm, drawling poise in their voices and spare, resonant picking.

David Huckfelt talked to the News Tribune about the band’s influences and it’s rotation of artists.
Speaking of music news: Henceforth, local writer-musician Tony Bennett will be reviewing music for the News Tribune. His weekly album reviews will be a good reason to check out The Wave and sometimes he’ll review shows and that will be super great too! I have a feeling that if he hates something, we’re going to know about it. Bennett doesn’t hate the new Ol’ Yeller, though. He likes it. And he almost calls Rich Mattson an Iron Range Paul Westerberg.
This Wave will best be enjoyed with Turkey. Happy Day.