Today’s Wave wrap

April Verch Band plays at 7 p.m. today at Teatro Zuccone. Prepare to see stepdancing and fiddle playing.

Due to external forces, this week’s Wave cannot ignore the holiday season for another second. If the pages of the A&E section had a soundtrack, that soundtrack would be heavy on bells.

Here’s what you will find inside:

At first, Chip Davis was taking classical music and giving it a modern makeover. When he said he wanted to make a Christmas album, he got a bit of guff. At the time, a Christmas album was a last-ditch effort for relevance. Now the people want exclusively Christmas music. Here is a Q&A with the inventor of Mannheim Steamroller, which plays at 7:30 p.m. Monday at Symphony Hall.

What to expect at an April Verch Band show: Fiddle music and stepdancing that represents the Ottawa Valley region. Here is a story on the Juno Award nominee who was part of the opening ceremonies for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. April Verch Band plays at 7 p.m. today at Teatro Zuccone. Super curious? Check out her introductory video.

Best Bets include the Christmas City of of the North parade, a Twin Cities-based theater company brings two original shows to Teatro Zuccone, the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra and the DSSO Chorus perform Mendelssohn’s “Elijah,” Pieta Brown plays at Beaner’s Central, Communist Daughter is worth a road trip to Hayward and comedian Bryan McCree has thoughts about that deer statue in your front yard.

Cloquet-raised Jessica Lange was on Jimmy Kimmel earlier this week talking about the FX show “American Horror Story: Asylum. It’s a 3-part video series. Here, in the first, she talks about her cabin in Northern Minnesota, King Kong and studying mime in Paris.