Bamford to guest star on “Louie”

Duluth-raised comedian Maria Bamford will guest star on Thursday’s episode of “Louie” at 9:30 p.m. on FX.

The show titled “Daddy’s Girlfriend” is a two-parter and it looks like Bamford lands in bed with the star of the show, Louie C.K. “Louie,” in its third season, is based very loosely on Louie’s life as a stand-up comedian and single father living and working in New York City.

Also: Bamford is featured today in a new animated web series by the AV Club. It’s a 4-minute cartoon voiced by Bamford and she talks about her worst gig ever: One time in Ohio she was on a morning radio show, didn’t connect with the hosts and was referred to as “schizophrenic.”

See video here.