Homegrown Day Four: When we spent all day at Clyde

Wednesday’s Homegrown Music Festival featured the centerpiece Trampled By Turtles at Clyde Iron Works, a much buzzed-about show that drew about 500 people to the early armband rush and later filled the venue.

There was even a bit of tailgating and day-drinking and Pizza Luce’s muscle volunteered to help keep things running smoothly — which it did. And it seems that everyone who wanted to get into the show got into the show. The band went plenty nuts on their instruments, like everyone wants them to, and it was all very exciting.I wrote about the scene here.

Equal Exchange, a hip-hop, soul, double-sax band started the show with rapper Rain Elfvin at the wheel. The band includes Jesse Hoheisel on guitar, Jason Kokal on bass and Matt Milinkovich on drums. This is a unique band — born of friendship between coworkers at Whole Foods Co-op — makes an interesting sound you don’t hear much of in these parts. Think of a Beastie Boy jamming with a funk band. Whenever I think of this band, I think of the year that one of them ate an apple on stage during their Homegrown set. It just seemed like such a good idea. (Not to mention nutritious).

Father Hennepin, the reason for the Homegrown season, played next, kicking off the set with the theme song “Homegrown.” The band includes Ted Anderson, Scott “Starfire” Lunt — who set things in motion by having a music festival to celebrate his birthday — Bob Olson on bass, Brad Nelson on drums and Susan Ludwig on accordion and keyboard and they play alt-country with Duluth cues. About midway through the show — around the time Starfire chucked a chicken head hat into the crowd, the band added a three-man horn section. They closed out a super-fun set with “I Like it in Duluth,” a cover of the Moose Wallow Ramblers’ song. (Here is a kicky video that local filmmaker Mike Scholtz made of the song for a past Homegrown Music Video Festival).

From the curious files: Someone asked me if I was in the band Father Hennepin. (No, I’m not). And that wasn’t even the weirdest conversation I had on Wednesday night.