Homegrown Day 2: Films, finales and freak outs

Sometimes, when you’re seating in the theater at Zinema 2 waiting for the Homegrown Music Video Festival to begin, this festival feels a bit like being back in high school. Maybe this is an all-school assembly with spring fever. There you are, sharing a row with 1/3 of Cars & Trucks, sharing Wasabi Peas with one of the founders of Perfect Duluth Day. There is Rich Narum, class clown, heckling delays in footage. Class president Crystal Pelkey welcoming music video fans to this showing of final projects from the AV Club.

Anyway. Seventeen vids of local music made by local filmmakers. Highlights include Brian Barber’s take on “The Quest” by 500 Society. Think The Cars and Go-Go dancers and futuristic fades. Edgewood Smith had a fun version of Tangier 57’s “It’s Complicated” that included animation. Edward Simon shows a man haunted by R2D2 during The Moon is Down’s “R2D2.” Tim Gregorich showed the meat industry in reverse for his take on “Groove Mantra” by David Syring and Josh Carlon gave a glimpse into the lives of superheroes and monsters in his interpretation of “Kozy” by Little Black Books.

See the videos that have been posted online (as of just after noon Tuesday) below. Also: There are encore screenings at 5:30 p.m. today and 2 p.m. Sunday.

Meanwhile, on the music side of things, Monday night was cozy with music at just two venues and lots of people who have made a week-long commitment to rock and roll.

Wyatt Famous is the baby that Ellen Page and Michael Cera gave birth to in the movie “Juno.” Anders Jefferson and Alexandra Evens have cute voices and oozed charm and likability with songs like “I’m So Glad (That I’m not in a Christian Band).” This is a band that both you, your future kids, your mom and your great uncle would like. Jefferson traded out his “I (cow) Farms” pin for a washboard tie. Word on the streets is that they are headed, as a band, for punker pastures than the folk-rock-country-ish scene they’ve been a part of for the past three festivals. They closed out the show with a gigantic merch sale at RT Quinlan’s.

The Undesirables should be the stars of a commercial for Homegrown. This show felt like something dangerous was going to happen. The decade-old country-punk band is wild. Like, jump on your bed, wild. Three dudes who rip at their guitars, Shanna Willie on drums. They pulled a deke, pretending like they were going to play some Skynard, and instead covered the Violent Femmes. Your parents wouldn’t want you to hang out with them. Here’s hoping everyone counted their eyeballs when they got home.

“White Boy Drunk” by Aaron Gall and the Likely Story. Video by Eric Dubnicka and Jessica Hall

“It’s Complicated” by Tangier 57. Video by Edgewood Smith

“Fenton Bells” by Kyle Ollah. Video by Justin Sinks.

“Thin Miss” by Jessica Myshack. Video by Amanda Dahl and Logan Sales.

“Kozy” by Little Black Books. Video by Josh Carlon.

“Aussenseiter” by The Surfactants. Video by Rich Narum and Anders Narum. *This one was a late finish and didn’t make the festival deadline