Cars & Trucks kickstart Kickstarter campaign

Photo swiped from Facebook.

Local band Cars & Trucks went live on Kickstarter earlier today with the hope of raising $3,000 in a month to fund the techie side of an already-written third album.

One of the keys behind waging a successful Kickstarter campaign is having a hunch that if you ask for it, the donors will come. And, well, less than six hours after posting on the all-or-nothing crowd-sourcing website, the trio is halfway to its goal. That’s some speedy money-making. As of this post, they had hit $1,706 and have 31 days to raise the rest.

(Obligatory Kickstarter background: You have a project. Your friends — and even strangers — seem to like your work. You set up shop on Kickstarter, perhaps create a motivational video, telling fans what you want to do and how much dinero you need to do it. You provide incentives to donors: Maybe a limited edition LP and a download code, a private home concert, or maybe the band’s bass player will shave off his beard and give it to you. Shrug. You decide. If you reach your monetary goal, you get the donations for your project. If you fail to reach your monetary goal, well, this never happened and no one touches the beard).

Here’s a blurb from the band’s project description:

If you have any reservations about buying an album sound unheard, just know that the band thinks the album could easily turn out to be their best one, and that it continues their tradition of making plain old hooky rock tunes. (It’s also looking like it may have tons of crazy space-out guitar solos and elongated songs with multiple sections. Just you wait.)

Warning: The video on Cars & Trucks’ Kickstarter page has a few swears and one photograph of women in swimsuits. Watch in an appropriate setting. If you’re already in an appropriate setting, then enjoy Jody Kujawa wearing .. Members Only?

Note: If you are a person who likes to support local projects, it is easy to search Kickstarter for things happening in your neighborhood. Other local projects currently posted include two guys who want to bike around the Great Lakes and make a documentary about it and two guys who want to kayak around Lake Superior and make a film about it.