Author Cremer featured on LA Times book blog

Author Andrea Cremer, an Ashland native who has found bestseller success with her “Nightshade” trilogy of young adult novels, is featured on the Los Angeles Times book blog Jacket Copy today, before the finale “Bloodrose” is released on Jan. 3. She talks about feminism, sexuality, the wages of war and whether she thinks her ending might inspire hate mail from fans.

Her series is about Calla Tor, a teenaged girl who is a shape shifter and her wolf-mate Ren Laroche. It’s set in Colorado. The series includes “Nightshade,” “Wolfsbane” and now “Bloodrose.” Cremer says in the interview:

I’m very much a feminist, and as a girl I was so needing strong young women to be heroines to me in the books I read. Eowyn in Lord of the Rings, I lived for the moment when she ripped off her helmet and said, “No living man am I!” I wanted a character with all those qualities, but the parameters of society were constantly around her telling her she couldn’t do that. You’re allowed to be a warrior but only to a certain extent before she would have to submit to someone else, and that someone else was always going to be a man.

The Los Angeles Times said of “Nightshade”: “(It’s) a fantastical mash-up of religious warriors and witch hunts, of feminist will and societal oppression … ‘Nightshade’ is a book for well-read hopeless romantics who like their heroines conflicted, their love interests smoldering and their passions triangulated and torrid, yet unfulfilled.”