Keeping up with Ed Asner

So Ed Asner is going to be performing Feb. 24 at the Reif Center in Grand Rapids, which is super interesting in that Your Facebook-friends-love-Betty-White kind of way. It’s a reschedule for an event that was supposed to happen in January, but it was a busy month: He had surgery, he smack-talked his former MTM co-star Cloris Leachman.

Here’s a wondrous Ed Asner moment from when he was on “Chelsea Lately” in April. He grabbed at Chelsea Handler’s keister and lamented her lack of junk in the trunk. (See clip below, which — if I know Chels, probably isn’t U-18 friendly):

Anyway, here’s the word on the show from the Reif Center:

Asner’s solo production of FDR, a powerful retrospective on the iconic president, was originally scheduled for January 11th. Unfortunately, the star performer went in for hip surgery in late December. His agents would not make any promises on reschedule dates, as they wanted to monitor his recovery first. However, Asner is now doing well. He is sharp as ever and ready to get back on the road.