Sound Unseen kickoff

I took in a gawker-eye view of last night’s opening of the Sound Unseen Duluth Film Festival, which opened with a screening of "Feed the Fish," the Minnesota premiere of Wisconsin native Michael Matzdorff’s story of a burned-out children’s author, which was shot in Door County. (By "gawker-eye view" I mean that I had a reporter’s notebook in my purse, but didn’t whip it out. This was more of a "How is this event being received" venture than anything else).

Before the main event, there was a screening of the oh-so controversial "Google Goes to Twin Ports," which got a good response. Laughs and claps and a hoot here and there. There was a from a moderate-sized crowd — better than  you’d guess for a Wednesday night, unless that Wednesday night includes Henry Rollins and his spoken word whatevers. And at 7 p.m., folks were lined up outside Sacred Heart — kind of like patrons at an exclusive club. Although No velvet rope; No bouncers. No beer, either, for that matter — which was kind of a surprise. Anyone know why there wasn’t any beer?

I didn’t stick around for the full flick, so I can’t speak to the amount of stars "Feed the Fish" earned as a feature film. I also didn’t attend the gala, but judging from the number of and frequency of text messages I got from people who were there, I’d say it was a success.

One friend raved about the music from Minneapolis buzz band Solid Gold. Another friend raved about the music and how pretty people from Los Angeles are.

Have you noticed that with technology it is possible to be involved, and blog about, events you weren’t even at?