Homegrown Day 5: Feeling Superior

So … wow. Superior night is still in my hair, 14 hours after the microphone practically had to be ripped from Chad Lyons’ clutches at the end of Acceleratii’s set at Norms Beer & Brats. This was the show that would not end, and nobody really wanted it to. The entire band was decked out in full body blue collar jump suits, Lyons accentuated his with mirrored sunglasses, PBR, and a T-shirt celebrating a piece of anatomy. The PBR flowed like sweat. When he said he was playing the last song, fans wouldn’t hear it. Lyons asked the sound guy how much time they had left and was told 10 minutes. I think he played about five more of their original rockabilly tunes with raunchy lyrics. (Raunch-abilly?)

Best. Show. Ever. Seriously. This just lends evidence to my theory that bands should be hilarious.

At one point it seemed like Lyons would never relingquish that microphone. It was like the Oscars, before they figured out a way to cut off award-winners. Except you didn’t want this award-winner to get cut off.

It is just impossible to hit everything you might want to see during Homegrown. It is with deep regret that I couldn’t get to Bratwurst’s show at the Main. Do they really throw raw meat into the audience? I certainly hope so.

Earlier in the night I caught Healthy Band Music Club at the Main. This band is trippy, with a saucy young singer with great stage presense, a keyboardist, a trumpet player, a guitar player and a drummer. They all sing. It kind of felt like being at a 1970s Twister party. I wish this band would write a rock opera.

Happy Homegrown Friday.

* What happened to Homegrown Day 4, you ask? This lady called "uncle." The surface tension on TiVo was threatening to bust, and my sweatpants were losing their muscle memory.