Homegrown Day 2: A kite and a boy

This is Jason Page and Erin McConnell’s entry in the Homegrown Music Video Festival, a video for The Moon Is Down song "My Amazing Kite," and it is really is one of those things that needs more viewing, less chatter from me. But the gist is this: Abe Curran in a red unitard, as a kite personified — sword fights, ice cream cones, skateboarding; Braxton Baker, most-recently from the Playhouse’s production of "The Secret Garden," (who looks like a young Dave Mehling … I mean it’s uncanny); And is that Luke Holden? hopping the rocks in a pair of shiny hot pink drawers.

You’ll cry.

The music video festival featured 14 entries that the video artists had 2 weeks to complete. Songs were taken from previous Festival experiences. And there were some doozies. Other highlights include: 

* Josh Carlon’s animated take on The Bitter Spills "The Old Clyde Road," a grisly and hilarious look at animal decapitation.

* Brian Barber as a mad scientist musician in a video for Indulge’s "Mastadulge." This one looked like he was hanging out in Tim Kaiser’s workshop.

* Rich Narum got some good yuks on his photo animation of Jamie Ness and Brad Nelson in his video for "Good/Bad" by BoomChucks.

I bet if you keep your eyes on the internet, you’ll see some of these videos floating around as the week goes on.

Monday night, Day 2 of 8, was Arts Night and included a poetry reading and a spattering of bands. We also hit Renegade Theater Company’s improv show at Teatro Zuccone and I laughed myself silly. The six actors competed to be funniest with audience-interactive games. Jody Kujawa won it, but I think Scott Mallace deserves a strong, strong Honorable Mention. It was, to use a phrase I was once asked not to use, "high energy." 

Is it just me, or is this year’s Homegrown ramping up more quickly than in previous years? Hit Carmody Irish Pub last night for the end of Temporary Service’s set and the place was loco. It looked like the last scene of "Footloose."

Happy Experimental Tuesday.