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The Sarah Silverman Program Thursday, 10:30pm / 9:30c
May Kadoody Today!
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Our girl Maria Bamford was on "The Sarah Silverman Program" on Comedy Central last night wearing a pair of granny panties, playing the ill-named May Kadoody. [Tee hee].

On this episode, Silverman defaces mayoral candidate Grossnickel’s campaign sign, gets cuffed and taken to jail. In the aftermath, she makes fun of Grossnickel’s name, and tries to come up a fake write-in candidate with an even funnier name: May Kadoody. Get it?

The slogan: "May Kadoody today." 

Of course, May Kadoody wins the election. AND THEN! A real May Kadoody comes forward — former Duluthian Maria Bamford. Chaos insues, and really gets Silverman in a tizzy when Kadoody bans brunch — "the mixing of eggs and 11 o’clock." 

Silverman hires an Ace Ventura impersonator to find out Kadoody’s deepest and darkest. This all ends, of course, with Kadoody in a seedy motel in a compromising position that includes eating eggs off her own chest beneath a Southern Belle’s very grand skirt. Kadoody is stripped of her mayorhood, but not before running from the motel in a flappy pair of oversized granny panties.

Anyway. Comedy Central has some clips.

3 thoughts on “Bamford: May Kadoody today

  1. Maria Bamford is so ridiculously funny. The irony with her going on the Sarah Silverman show is that Maria is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY funnier than Sarah Silverman (who isn’t the least bit funny), and Sarah is the one with her own show. Wha? :) Anyway, I wish Maria SO much success. She’s great.

  2. the confession of May Kadoody was the most hilarious thing I’ve seen in a few years! I want to see more of Maria Bamford. Where should I look?

    I love Sarah a ton too!

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