Lundgren Happy Hour, Vol. 1

At this moment in the Paul Lundgren Happy Hour on Wednesday at Teatro Zuccone, the host discusses with Bob Boone technique for slicing into an exercise ball.

When Paul Lundgren was painting the town with signs for the three-part "Paul Lundgren Happy Hour" series, he ended up posting one adjacent to an advertisement for Gallagher’s show at Grandma’s Sports Garden. The local writer said he thought this was hilarious, and took a photograph of the juxtaposition.

Oddly enough, it was the 1980s prop comic that I was thinking of when I leaned over to the man next to me during Lundgren’s show on Wednesday at Teatro Zuccone, and whispered "This is way better than Gallagher."

This connection was made soon after Lundgren easily coaxed Bob Boone from the front row of the audience so the publisher could try his hand at kitchen knifing his way into an exercise ball. (Boone took a volleyball serve approach and the ball deflated, more than popped. Later he confessed that he wished he had tried a different technique).

Wednesday’s show, which included singer/songwriter/guitar player Rachael Kilgour’s music interludes and sometimes sidekick-ery. (These performances are at 6 p.m. on Wednesdays in February. Next week’s show includes actor Christa Schultz and on Feb. 24 poet Ryan Vine shares the stage). Lundgren is billing these as something like variety shows without the variety, but that’s not exactly true: He was rich in variety — and a total riot — on Wednesday.

He was a stand up comedian;
A prop comic;
A harmonizer on Kilgour’s take on "Islands in the Stream" (where Lundgren, um, rapped the Kenny Rogers parts) and "Leather and Lace";
A storyteller (although he didn’t read from his newly published collection "The Spowl Ribbon," because apparently he isn’t the sort of person who gives away the milk for free).

It was a great show at just more than an hour, and Kilgour was totally fun covering "She Bop" and co-starring in one of Lundgren’s stories as the telemarketer violating Lundgren’s Do Not Call listing.

Matthew Perrine has a fun Q&A with Lundgren here. Rich Narum, of course, has some great photos on PDD.