Multimedia editor gets famous friend

Well. How is this for hilarious?:

How do you get a famous person to follow your Tweets? There are no guarentees. Believe me, I’ve tried writing @ replies to both musician Amanda Palmer and writer Susan Orlean that have gone ignored. Not that I blame them. (I did, however, once get a signed glossy photo of Gary Coleman, but that was way before Twitter).

In this case, Bellamy saw an AP Super Bowl fan photo of Brody Jenner and Frankie Delgado with Reggie Bush (obs, Bush is Jenner’s stepsister Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend) and posted it on our Web site. He then @’ed both Jenner and Delgado a link to the photo. Pratt must have been scootin’ through his friend’s @ replies, and thought JB was a worthy add to the upward of 61,396 he was following up until that point.

This makes Jimmy Bellamy officially the most-famous person I know.

* FYI: Lest you question the integrity of Pratt’s Twitter identity, it is a verified account.
* PS: This is all in fun, and by no means actual news.