Instant replay of Zimmerman’s live painting

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If you missed "A Story In Three Parts" this past Friday at the Duluth Play Ground — and you might have, I’m told the place was packed — here is a chance to catch the rerun.

Recap: Local artist Lee Zimmerman painted three panels while Kathy McTavish provided the soundtrack with her cello. Zimmerman uses silks and dyes, and positioned himself behind the 8-foot panels, so that the audience would see the colors magically seeping into the silk.

According to Zimmerman, who passed along the link, the painting starts about 8 minutes into the video. The first panel took 34 minutes, the second took 54 minutes and the whole show clocks in at about an hour and 14 minutes.

If you missed it, you can catch him during the Duluth Playhouse’s performances of "The Secret Garden." Zimmerman is providing the garden, a new spontaneous live painting every night of the show. His daughter Kier Zimmerman plays Mary. "The Secret Garden" runs Thur.-Sun. Feb. 18-March 7. For show times, go here.