Bits of A&E: The radio edition

This one comes via email from JP Rennquist, who will henceforth be referred to as "Everywhere" Rennquist since I rarely go more than a week without running into him. Renquist did a locally-grown holiday radio program 9 years ago for KUMD and KAXE, and wants to share the podcast. You can listen for free, but if listening causes your pockets to jingle with a desire to give, Renquist would direct you to send your coinage to Lifehouse.

There is a mix of local writers and local musicians, including poetry by Barton Sutter, Louis Jenkins, Ellie Schoenfeld, DNT outdoors writer Sam Cook’s essay "Webbed Feet," a Dylan cover by Father Hennepin, "Mi Yi Ma Lel" by the Temple Israel Singers, and Al Sparhawk talking about Low’s version of "Little Drummer Boy" that was featured in a Gap ad, and more.

It’s retro, sure, but Rennquist assures that it is still relevant.

DJ Walt Dizzo is now soliciting your "Best ofs …" for his end of the year wrap up show. Collect your thoughts on your favorite local songs/bands/albums of 2009 — or even the decade — and send him an email. The show airs from 8 p.m.-1 a.m. on Thurs., Dec. 29 on KUWS 91.3 FM. There is a rumor that I’ll be on the show with Barrett Chase of Perfect Duluth Day (we’ll probably carpool — just thinking aloud here), and Matthew Perrine of the Budgeteer.

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