Also Good Bets: Today-Dec. 2

On this episode of "Cooking on the Car," Jason and Dan make a surprise dinner for their friends at 4 Track Films. Jason Wussow, wearing an apron in the passenger seats, discusses the high price of sesame oil, the proper rice to water ratio, and how he doesn’t necessarily believe in vampires but remains open minded, all while chopping garlic and jalapenos with a cutting board on his lap. This. Is. Hilarious. The manifold chefs will be cooking on the car for Mayor Don Ness and his wife at 8 p.m. Friday at Beaner’s Central. Music by 3 Song Sunday, Temporary Service and Brandon Swanson.

Lorie Line returns for her annual holiday show, with a performance at 7:30 p.m. Friday at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center Auditorium. From last year’s review by John Ziegler: An evening at a Lorie Line concert is a bit like landing on an unknown planet with very different gravity. All things as you knew them are temporarily suspended as you enter a world of perfection, with Line weaving her magic and igniting the imaginations of an adoring crowd.Tickets are $44 and are available at Ticketmaster outlets.

The Mark Rubin Family Band Holiday Spectacular is from 6-9 p.m. on Saturday at Carmody Irish Pub and features music from the aforementioned family band, AM rubin, Greg Tiburzi and special guests. This show is free. 

Marc Gartman, who rivals Stephen King when it comes to organizing lots and lots of words into art, has kicked out another CD: Marc Gartband’s "I’m a Fool for You." This 13-track mix, produced by Eric Swanson, features a ton of local musicians, including: Matt Mobley, Greg Tiburzi, Bree Taylor, Jill Lantry, Tim Stratioti, Steve Rogers and Soren Tryggenstad. Hard to tell if Gartman wrote this blurb on the Gartband MySpace page in third person or if someone else wrote it, but it’s a kick: "The first question one might ask is, “Does the world need another disc of new music from Marc Gartman?” A fair question indeed. The short answer is probably ‘no’ the longer answer is probably still ‘no’. Life is short however, music is fun to make and no one seems to be stopping him." Good point, ghostwriter. Two CD release shows this weekend: 10 p.m. Friday at Fitger’s Brewhouse, 600 E. Superior St.; 9 p.m. Saturday at Lakeview Castle. Both shows are free.

The Black Lillies, a relatively new Tennessee-based band, will also play on Friday night at the Brewhouse. This country, rock, roots, and blues band played at Bonnaroo and is in the middle of a six-week national tour. Word on the streets is that frontman Cruz Contreras sounds a bit like Randy Travis. Decide for yourself here.

Buffalo sketch by Carl Gawboy is part of an exhibition that runs through January at The Art of Hair on London Road.

Local artist Carl Gawboy will be showing some of his yet-unseen pieces in an interesting venue: The Art of Hair on London and Lakewalk Bookshop. Gawboy’s exhibition runs through Jan. 8, 2010. Gawboy, a member of the Bois Ford Band of the Minnesota Chippewa, has created works for more than 80 exhibitions in his 48-year career. The pieces featured in “Unseen Works” date back to 1976 and are small-scale drawings, watercolors and ink-wash paintings used for the book “Talking Rocks,” calendar illustrations and prep work for museum exhibitions.Gawboy has done mural work at the Superior Public Library, the Cloquet Centennial Committee Office and the Bois Fort Museum. This winter, he’ll be working on a mural at the Bois Fort Government Center.

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