3 Spin Review: Tokio Hotel: Humanoid

Tokio Hotel: Humanoid

Length of first spin: Oh, I skipped around a bit first time through. 
First impressions: This was not at all what I was expecting. The album arts looks like it was done by Evanescence. And the freshly mascara’d youth in the photos look like extras from "Terminator." Except one guy. He looks like he is waiting for a call up for a tryout with the band Barenaked Ladies.
Working knowledge of Tokio Hotel: Huh. None. I got excited when I opened the package, mistaking this band for Tokyo Police Club.
Brief bio: This is the follow up to the German band’s hit album "Scream." While the band, which includes twin brothers Bill and Tom Kaulitz, has been together for a veteran-amount of time, they are all barely legal drinking age in the U.S.
Everytime I listened to this CD, a tally that reached into the umpteens, a new song stuck out to me. The whole album feels like someone wrote a fairly modern, genre-defying mix, then sprinkled it with Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears, Queen, and Marilyn Manson. I think that if I listened longer, I’d find even more influences. I don’t necessarily not like this album, but I probably won’t listen to it again. On the other hand, I don’t regret the 8-plus hours I spent listening to it, either. This will be an amicable split.
My picks: "Noise," "Dogs Unleashed," and "Hey You." It’s "Zoom Into Me" that will make the sophomore girls woozy with slow-dance fever.
Learning a little something about myself: I’m getting really good at picking out the hit single from these CDs that show up in my mailbox. In this case: "Automatic." It has that "moment of triumph" that will play perfectly into one of those teen dramas. I want to say "One Tree Hill." But it might be "The Hills." It won’t be "The City."
What somebody else says: "While Tokio Hotel may not have matured enough to hang with the big boys yet, they are most certainly the dark horses pacing up and down the Disney fringe." All Music Guide

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