Zinema gets ‘Paranormal Activity’

If you are like a certain boyfriend of mine, you won’t even watch this trailer. Me, I’ve been clamoring for an op to see "Paranormal Activity," which has had — so far — a limited release. It’s coming to Zinema 2, says a Tweet from Tim Massert which directs followers to the theater’s Facebook page. It opens Oct. 30.

Lest you’ve missed the chatter: The movie is about a young couple that moves into a house that seems to be possessed by a demonic presense. They kick it "Ghost Adventures" style, and set up a video camera to record what happens in the night in a style oft-compared to "The Blair Witch Project."

It’s supposed to be terrifying. Whether that means "Blair Witch Project" terrifying (hype + plenty of closeups of the stars drippy nasal passage), or "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" terrifying (AAARARAAHHH!) remains to be seen. Here’s a fun story on it from the LA Times, involving Steven Speilberg’s haunting experience with the disc.

Here’s what people are saying: (full disclosure, I hunted the first review down, then just started pulling blurbs from Rotten Tomatoes)

"This is a terrifying picture, one that capitalizes on the unseen horrors that litter our nightmares once the lights go out." — The Washington Times

"It works best when it comes out of nowhere, because that’s, in the end, where it goes." — A.O. Scott, New York Times

"It’s like watching a YouTube clip of your irritating neighbors, knee deep in muck, as they argue the effectiveness of plumbers." — Justine Elias, Boston Globe

"Without financing, stars or more than a couple of special effects, first-time writer/director Olen Peli has made a diabolically effective essay in irrational horror." — Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Allow me to summarize: Thing goes bump in the night! Girlfriend freaks! Boyfriend rolls eyes! ‘Shocking’ conclusion!" — Will Ashenmacher, former Duluth News Tribune reporter, currently in law school in Minneapolis and sending me text message reviews of things I thought I wouldn’t get to see.

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