3 Spin Review: New Boyz: Skinny Jeanz and a Mic


New Boyz: Skinny Jeanz and a Mic

Length of First Spin: I listened. Lo, did I listen. Straight through.
Working Knowledge of New Boyz: None. But from the primary-colored gear, I just assumed they were the younger brothers of LMFAO.
Brief Bio: From MySpace: "In this short time period, 17-year-olds Ben J and Legacy have gone from shows in local high school gyms to performing on the red carpet at the BET Awards and booking an impressive lineup of concerts across the country."
Assessment: I made a huge mistake dissing LMFAO after listening to their debut CD. I mean, I still think it is a crock pot of lukewarm brain putty, but between "The Real World Cancun," where they were the unofficial house band and "Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami," where LMFAO reconfigured their song "I’m in Miami" to make it radio-friendly and Kardashian-ready, the band now fills me with memories of some of my most fond moments in reality TV in the past few months. LMFAO: You will always be the summer and fall of 2009 to me. You will always remind me of the time Kourtney Kardashian was with child.
I won’t make the same mistake with New Boyz. I will not dis them. I will love them and wait patiently for them to appear on, what-say "The Hills" or some sort of muddy competition pitting reality stars against each other. It helps that New Boyz are already genuinely catchy, and not a sort of contrived catchy where their songs are spun relentlessly and one is forced to either accept it and like it, or move to a sound proof chamber beneath the sea. Okay, I lie. New Boyz track No. 2 "You’re a Jerk" is one of those brain bugs. I meant to count how many times they repeat that phrase throughout the song, but feared it would hypnotize me in such a way that I’d only be able to say "You’re a jerk" and point to the color red.
Unsolicited statement on music: It seems to me that a lot of bands are to the ears what a flash-filled, animated gif-fy MySpace site are to the eyes. I’m not saying this describes New Boyz, I’m just sayin’.
Full disclosure: My favorite genre is Swedish pop duos.
My picks: My favorites would have to be "Bunz," "New Girl," and "No More."
What Someone Else Says: " … One of the year’s most charming rap debuts, and certainly the least expected. The duo makes jerk music, a Los Angeles hip-hop variant that’s exploded in the last year: the songs are lewd, the production is skeletal and bouncy and the jeans are brightly colored and exceedingly tight." — NY Times

3 Spin Review is a feature where I receive a CD in the mail. Take a quick zip, skipping ahead when a song starts to poke my brain, lingering when it has immediate appeal. Second spin includes listening to it while I’m doing something else. Third spin I actually decide if I like what I’m hearing. These brief reviews will also include my working knowledge of said band, so you know whether my opinion is trustworthy, and then the opinion of someone else who has reviewed the CD. (This plan deviates from its original form when it comes to local bands).

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