3 Spin Review: Little Gray House: Howlin’ Moon

Little Gray House: Howlin’ Moon

Go See Them: Little Gray House’s CD release show is at 10 p.m. Saturday at Carmody Irish Pub, 308 E. Superior St.

Working knowledge of Little Gray House: I did a little mini write up on this band before they made their Homegrown debut. So, to know of them for less-than a year is to know of them for almost the entire time they’ve been together. What I learned during that interview: They are named for the house where some of the band members live.
Brief Bio: According to their Myspace page, the band started as just friends with a shared taste in music who wanted to form a band — despite not necessarily having years and years of mastering their chosen instruments. Marc Gartman was looking to create a bluegrass Celtic hybrid — and yanked a bouzouki off his wall and added it to the mix.

5 Things Little Gray House wants you to know about the song "Just Hold On, Sweetheart" via Gartman:

1. The song is about how being in a touring band can make it hard to maintain a romantic relationship back home. The lyrics are fairly nonfictional plus nonautobiographical.

2. That’s an original 1960s Maestro Fuzz-Tone guitar pedal making that little saxophone-sounding riff. Same sort of pedal that Keith Richards used on “Satisfaction.” It’s my dad’s pedal.

3. I was completely trying to make the song sound like “Spirit in the Sky” by Norman Greenbaum. A No. 1 hit for him in 1970 [in Canada].

4. Also sort of ripping off [Al] Sparhawk when he sings: “Take your time, sweet thing” on “Take your time” that Low/Retribution Gospel Choir tune.

5. “The other guys they lend a hand / The one I want though it is not from a man.” One of my favorite lines I’ve written.

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