That Kanye West thing

Today you are going to hear the name Kanye West a lot. And if you’re like me (Read: The kind of person who didn’t even realize that MTV’s Video Music Awards were on last night, or that MTV even had Video Music Awards anymore, or that MTV even showed videos anymore) and spent the night watching "Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami" instead — this is the moment you missed.

Don’t feel like clicking? The gist: Young and precious country singer Taylor Swift recieved an award and went all doe-eyed and shocked, and walked in a daze up to the stage, took the microphone and began thanking people. The not-so shy Kanye West, (who once compared himself to Jesus) busted up on stage, took the microphone, and said that Beyonce’s video was one of the best videos of all time. Oh snap. Swift stood there looking like she lost her Homecoming Queen crown to the band geek, played by Mandy Moore.

Enjoy this pop culture moment.


6 thoughts on “That Kanye West thing

  1. You’re being a little harsh on Taylor Swift, aren’t you? Give the kid a break. She’s only 19 and this was her first VMA. I have no idea who she is and couldn’t care less who MTV gives awards to, but she handled herself pretty well.

  2. I think she handled herself well, too. I don’t think I’m being harsh at all. I’m just providing the visual.

  3. Ya Dan you need to chill out. Christa’s description of Taylor’s reaction was pretty spot on. I think you are the one who is off the wall here.

  4. The person who handled themselves with class was Beyonce, who, when she had the opportunity later in the show to be on stage, invited Swift back on stage to give her (obviously) prepaired speach.

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