3 Spin Review: Joe Carey: Sunflower Soul

Submitted photo.

Go See Him: Joe Carey plays at 8 p.m. Sept. 11 at Beaner’s Central. Also performing: Arcadia and So Close.

Length of first spin: I should eliminate this catagory. Only in extreme cases of ADD do I not listen to a CD all the way through the first time. So … I listened to this all the way through, too.
Working knowledge of Joe Carey: Joe Carey graduated from high school a year ahead of me — a fact that may seem normal to Duluth natives who see their, like, lab partner on various local stages. But not for me. Does anyone from Rochester even live here?
Brief Bio: Carey comes from a musically-inclined family and sometimes performs with various siblings. In fact, his older brother Jim Carey was the first person I ever knew of to actually release music. It was a two-song tape that included an original song … Something about the moon … and a cover of "Saturdays in the Park." I listened to that tape a lot. Today is obviously memory lane day.
My assessment: Joe Carey has that classic rock sound you grew up listening to, whether you were a 70s child listening to your dad rock out while he washed the station wagon, or if you were propped ear-first against a boom box in the 1990s.  My picks: "Sunflower Soul," "Only You Know" and "Radio Titans," which is as smooth as it is kind of funny. (I hope it’s supposed to be funny. It’s a self-aware song about itself. Like when Ferris Bueller addresses the camera). 
What someone else says: "It’s pretty much a one-man show, with Carey recording most of the music himself. Yet it’s not a collection of acoustic love songs, but rather a soulful rock record with a distinctly ’70s vibe. Carey’s rough, raw vocals might be an acquired taste, but his songs hit all the right marks." Ross Raihala, Pioneer Press
Online: Here is Carey’s song "Sunflower Soul." Listen to it.