Big plans: Sasquatch horror comedy

Ryan McGivern is thinking big. Like 7-feet-tall, big. He’s thinking Sasquatch.

The Duluth native who has been living in the Los Angeles area has written a comedy horror film, and he is hopeful that he will be able to film it in the Duluth and Two Harbors area in the fall. The movie stars the gorilla-human hybrid with red beady eyes that smells like a mix between the king fish and a family of skunks. This bigfoot breed comes from a Sasquatch planet every 25 years and if the animal hunting is bad, goes after humans. The film also features some bumbling sheriffs, a potty-mouth old lady, the Hanson family, and a completely unlikable character whose death you won’t lament.

"It’s a combination between ‘Army of Darkness’ and the original ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre.’ There aren’t a lot of horror comedies out there," McGivern said.

It’s a proactive move for McGivern, who moved out to California about six years ago. In that time he has been in three feature films, auditioned for TV shows like "Heroes" and "Young & The Restless," and also found the process a bit gut wrenching.

"We all moved out here to fulfill a dream of what you think is going to happen, then you get punched in the face," McGivern said. "You sit and wait for the phone to ring."

McGivern said he decided to control his own destiny. He began working on the script a few years ago — and has a role for himself all picked out. Now he’s hoping for the funding and the cast to come together. (BTW: If you are interested in being involved with the film, contact McGivern at He’s looking for a few actors and money).

He’s already got plans for the comedy horror Sasquatchian sequel.

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