Bits of A&E: Toad, Brother Ali, Honking Tree

Here is our Twitter shout out from Glen Phillips of Toad the Wet Sprocket, from a few hours before their show at Bayfront on Sunday. Seems the singer was dizzy with Gordon Lightfoot fever. Unfortunately, I had to miss the show — at least the parts I couldn’t hear from my deck. How was it?

Greg Connor, who wrote the tribute to the Honking Tree that was mentioned in Saturday’s Eh! Column (via PDD), sent me a link to his YouTube video. Check it out:


Also, Minneapolis rapper Brother Ali is kicking off his North American tour supporting his new album "Us" with a show here on Sept. 22 at Pizza Luce, according to a news release. If history has shown us anything, it is that this is the kind of event that sells out.

2 thoughts on “Bits of A&E: Toad, Brother Ali, Honking Tree

  1. It was AWESOME – but empty. Sad that there were only 4/7/4 rows in the gold circle (there should have been 26 rows in each of the 3). Toad was great of course, and the Gin Blossoms surprised me – wasn’t really excited to see them (I’m one of those “really into Toad” people), but they were really good. Even got to shake their tamboreen for a while. 🙂

    As far as the empty comment – maybe 300 people there? It makes me really sad for the bands that look out at the crowd and say to themselves “WTF? I used to be number 1 and now this??? !@#$! People here complain about not having enough concerts, but when we have them they stay home. Maddening.

  2. I am guilty of what “Toad” describes. I love music and want great shows, but during this show I was actually out with my wife and little baby in Canal Park area enjoying life here on the cheap. I caught the music wafting over the wind (like you did) and found myself really wishing that we had just gone to the show. When promoters stretch themselves to do shows at Bayfront it is a huge risk, because even though 300 – 400 people is a decent crowd for a club show, or even a smaller (underutilized park, like Leif Erikson) you get that many people in a space designed for thousands, like the DECC or bayfront and it comes off like a flop.

    As for Br. Ali, I would say that it will definitely sell out and Luce is too small of a venue for it, but … try and do something too big and … (see paragraph #1)

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