3 Spin Review: The Rockford Mules

The Rockford Mules "From Devil’s Spit to Angel Tears"

The Rockford Mules play Friday at Pizza Luce, 11 E. Superior St., with The Tisdales, who are kicking off a cross-country tour that ends in Texas. There is a $5 cover.

Length of first spin: 7 minutes. I had no idea I was plugging into hard rock. I had to regroup and try again.
Working knowledge of The Rockford Mules: None, until I got an e-mail from Erik Tasa of the band, asking me if I wanted to do a 3 Spin Review. He name-dropped the The Tisdales and a bouncer from Fon Du Luth, and then when he sent the CD, it was marked in an envelope with "There is a really good record in here" scrawled in black sharpie across the back. So I guess my working knowledge of the band is that maybe they would be comedy rock.
My assessment: This is good, old-fashioned hard core rock and roll that your brother played air-guitar to — right after he borrowed your aerosol hairspray and crammed himself into a pair of your tightest jeans. It’s a little bit Allman, a little bit Cornell (and not the Cornell that is taking cues from Timbaland), a little bit "Radar Love," and a little bit My Morning Jacket.
I recommend Track No. 3, "Step Aside, Son" for fast drives on country roads with high school friends and Track 5 "Skin on Fire Blues" for doing the sort of fixin’ that will finally get that car off the blocks in your front yard. Track No. 7, "Cut Me, Mick," is what would be the power ballad, if it had lyrics and if Track 13 "Myrtleville Window" wasn’t the slow song. Another favorite: Track12 "Redditch Redeye."
This CD is fun guitar-driven, summer fest, loudness that will only make you regret that you aren’t watching The Rockford Mules live, instead.
What someone else says: When Bob Longmore of howwastheshow saw them perform live in 2006, he said this: "Personally, I have never seen anything like it before. As the band jumped back in with a blazing solo by Tasa, I picked my jaw up off the floor. It was at this point (only halfway through their first song) that the Mules had totally convinced me that they were going to be my new local band crush."

3 Spin Review is a feature where I receive a CD in the mail. Take a quick zip, skipping ahead when a song starts to poke my brain, lingering when it has immediate appeal. Second spin includes listening to it while I’m doing something else. Third spin I actually decide if I like what I’m hearing. These brief reviews will also include my working knowledge of said band, so you know whether my opinion is trustworthy, and then the opinion of someone else who has reviewed the CD.